This blog serves as a resource for enhancing my teaching.  I always want to better myself in my career and be the best I can be.  As I do not have my own classroom currently, when I come across a great idea to use in a classroom I post it here.


Moving On

So, as hard as this may be, I feel I must reflect on my last four years here in the place I deem my refuge.  I have continually run from my emotions about this, but I do not think I can any longer.  I am very sad to be leaving.  I feel terrible because I have taken this freedom for granted.  I love being in Boone.  When I am away, I always wish to come back.  It is what I have called my second home (because, let’s face it, home will always be with Mom).   This is a big step for me.  Graduating from high school was something I looked forward to from the first day of school my senior year.  I wanted to leave and start a new phase in my life.  Now I have lived that phase and it is ending all too soon.  This was the place I longed to come to, and now, in a matter of days, I am leaving.   When I think about the past four years I remember wonderful times with some great people.  Living with the same roommate for four years has been amazing.  She is now one of my best friends.  I have definitely made better friends in Boone than I ever had at home, and I will cherish that for a very long time.   I have had some of the best times of my life here.  I now see what my brother-in-law meant when he told me to change my major.  My heart feels like it weighs ten pounds.  In just a few months, I will be done with Student Teaching and done with my college career.  I am, however, very grateful for the many great experiences I have had. This could not have been possible without the support of my family.  I will always remember my time in the small town that is Appalachian State University.  It will be difficult, but it is necessary.  Life goes on, and once it gets going, it goes by in a flash. I’ll never forget the people I met, the friendships I made, the experiences I’ve had, or the amazing town that helped me find my identity.

Not-So-Jolly Roger response

I thought this book was GREAT! It reminds me of the Mary Pope Osbourne books and I think they’re both wonderful.  I love that this book has factual information at the back of the book, as well as funny tid-bits so that when the students read it they’re actually getting some historical facts and they don’t even know it.  It intertwines information about the fictional characters of Sam, Fred and Joe with factual information about the real Blackbeard.  It was not a terribly difficult read and it is one I would love to have in my classroom.

Response to Pirate Unit article

After reading the article on the Pirate Unit, I am quite impressed.  There are so many activities and opportunities for students to learn so much about pirates.  I do not ever remember learning about pirates in elementary school, so students who get to participate in this unit are very lucky.  I really like how children’s literature in a variety of genres are used to help the students understand and know more about pirates.  Creating a KWL is a great tool to start the unit off with.  This chart will help the teacher guage what the students know and maybe alter the unit a bit depending on what types of things students want to learn more about.  There are so many resources available for students to go to and find things out.  I was not aware that there were so many books out there about pirates.  My cooperating teacher is Kelley Wilson and she helped with the article.  I can’t wait to go talk to her about how this unit went and if she plans on doing it again.  I wouldn’t see why she wouldn’t do it again because I am excited about it already after simply reading the article.  I also really loved the activity in which the students will create their own Jolly Roger.  I can just imagine how much fun that would be.  I know how intriguing pirates are to me at 21; I can only imagine how intriguing they must be for 4th graders.  I bet they loved Mrs. Wilson after she did this unit with them.

My name…

Upon looking up my name on  I found that my name was originally Theophania and was given to girls born in medieval times on the epiphany (Jan. 6).  The epiphany was the festival celebrating the visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus.  The name was not used prevalently again until my favorite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, came out in the early 1960’s.

My middle name is Erica.  This site told me that it is the feminine form of Eric and also coincides with the Latin name for Heather.

When I asked my mom about my name and how I got my name, she told me she actually changed it at the last minute.  When my mom was in her early pregnancy, my parents were not sure whether I would be a boy or girl, so they had two names picked out; Matthew if I was a boy and Casey if I was a girl.  She said they called me Casey Nicole right up until I was born.  When I came out, however, I did not look like a Casey.  There is no real significance with my name.  It was just a name she decided would fit me best.  I feel she did a good job.

So funny!

During class, when Dr. Frye began talking about the book I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato, I began thinking about how cute their accents are on the television show.  This thought led me to this video clip that is utterly adorable and quite hilarious.  I just wanted to share!